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              DongYu hong xiang by gathering resources effectively configuration, and provide all franchise partners with strong brand support, successful operation mode and management system, the supervision of the efficient training system, through the scale, make the partners in the increasingly competitive market steady and healthy development of the household materials, achieve win-win partners with DongYu hong xiang.

              A, forms of cooperation

              DongYu hon cheung authorized brand and provide products, deep processing by partners set up a store or long-term purchase management, independent accounting, self-financing, accept DongYu hong xiang on image and business management and supervision.

              Second, the qualification requirements

              1 further understand and agree with DongYu hong xiang enterprise concept, enterprise culture and management mode

              2 has a strong ability of marketing management and market operation, can form a good management team

              Match the target cities with financial strength

              4 has the legal person status or legal business qualification

              5 cooperative city's economic development is good, good investment environment

              6 good and extensive social relations and local industry resource is a plus

              7 engaged in decorative paper, plate sales dealers and traders, well-known large cabinet manufacturers, large plate enterprise management personnel, professional building materials company, powerful, or public relations ability outstanding personage.

              Three, five big support

              1, improve the product support:

              DongYu hong xiang has rich product line, including: printing paper, melamine impregnated paper, honsoar.com/pages_64">particle board, laminated board, door, door plank of the lacquer that bake, decorative lines, PVC edge banding, indoor door series products, such as household whole industry chain; Can be customized products according to the local market.

              2, complete material support:

              Company product manuals, brochures, all kinds of instruction, cultural books, handbags, product samples, sample, all kinds of honorary certificate (such as CARB certification, ISO9000 / ISO4001 certification, environmental certification, etc.), product inspection report, safety production license, etc.;

              3, brand spread support:

              Company has unified planning corporate image recognition system, promotion system, each year a large number of media advertising, TV, high-end advertising support, focus on market high frequency omni-directional intensive advertising support, the national authoritative professional important metropolis daily newspapers and local media print advertising support, a nationwide network media advertising support, etc.;

              4, management guidance support:

              With DongYu hong xiang school strong teaching force, not every year regularly carry out professional sales, service, management of personnel training, construction, color, etc.; On the team, sales policy, decorate a company to develop series of work such as guidance, guarantee the customer's market competition ability and the enterprise synchronous ascension.

              5, professional services support:

              Fully assist dealers in the construction of the service center, to provide professional technical advice, process design, engineering sample production, engineering cost budget and the professional service and guidance, etc.

              Fourth, joining the program


              Fifth, to apply for

              If you are interested to be our partners, to understand the detailed cooperation details, please call DongYu hong xiang investment hotline: 4006696469 or fill in the "join" online site information and contact us

              Honsoar New Building Material Co., Ltd located in Dongcheng Industry Garden of Shouguang City of Shandong Province, Is the largest PVC thermofoil door manufacturers  in  china,is the largest melamine boards manufacturers  in  Shandong province, is only and largest  panel furniture materials industry chain manufacturers in china. Annual sales reached RMB1000 Millionincluding exporting amount of nearly USD100 Million. including Shouguang Dongyuhongxiang Wood Industry Co.,ltd,Shandong Honsoar Furniture Company, Heze Honsoar Particle Co., Ltd.,

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